My repertoire varies from year to year. The following is a list of pieces being played currently. Others will be added from time to time. Concert promoters are welcome to discuss repertoire, particularly as many pieces are not listed here, either because they are small scale (eg individual chorale preludes), or because they have not been played for some time, although could be easily resurrected. Listed first are some significant concert pieces from the repertoire of English and Irish literature. This is followed by the general listing. A list of popular pieces, "Lollipops", comes at the end, after music for organ & Orchestra:

English & Irish Repertoire

Voluntary in A minor - John Blow
Concerto in G minor - Thomas Arne (trans Vernon Butcher)
Larghetto in F sharp minor - Samuel Sebastian Wesley
Postlude in D - Henry Smart
Andante Grazioso in G - Henry Smart
Andante Grazioso in E - Henry Smart
Andante and Fughetta in A - Henry Smart
Maytime Gavotte - Alfred Hollins
Song of Sunshine - Alfred Hollins
Trumpet Minuet - Aldred Hollins
Spring Song - Alfred Hollins
Lied - William Wolstenholme
Romanza & Allegretto - William Wolstenholme
Fantasia and Toccata - Sir Charles Villiers Stanford
Benedictus (from Sonata Britannica) - Sir Charles Villiers Stanford
Nunc Dimittis (16 Preludes on melodies fom the English & Scottish Psalters) - Charles Wood

Echo Bells - John Hyatt Brewer
Five Short Pieces - Percy Whitlock
     Allegretto, Folk Tune, Scherzo, Andante tranquillo, Paean
Four Improvisations - Percy Whitlock
     Carol, Divertimento, Fidelis, Fanfare
Fantasie Chorale i in D flat - Percy Whitlock
Fantasie Chorale ii in F sharp minor - Percy Whitlock
March "Dignity and Impudence - Percy Whitlock
Sunrise on Stonehenge - Frederic Wood
Tintern - Frederic Wood

Elegiac Romance - John Ireland
Capriccio - John Ireland
Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue in E flat minor - Healy Willan
Fantasia in G minor - York Bowen
Wedding - Graham Fitkin


General Repertoire

Alain, Jehan



Albinoni, Tomaso

Concerto in B flat

(transcribed Johann Gottfried Walther)

Arne, Thomas
Concerto v in G minor
transcribed Vernon Butcher)


Bach, Carl Phillip Emmanuel

Sonata in G minor


Bach, Johann Sebastian

Prelude and Fugue in C BWV 547

Prelude and Fugue in C BWV 531

Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565

Prelude and Fugue in A BWV 536

Prelude and Fugue in A minor BWV 543

Prelude and Fugue in E minor (“The Wedge”) BWV 548

Toccata and Fugue in F BWV 540

Pastorella BWV 590
Sonata i in E flat

Chorale Prelude Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr BWV 663

Sinfonia “Now thank we, God” (transcribed Harvey Grace)

Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue (transcribed Max Reger)

Miscellaneous Chorale Preludes

Suite Gothique

Boëly, Alexandre-Pierre-François

Fantasie and Fugue in B flat

Bonnet, Josef

Etude de Concert Op 7 ii
Les Elves Op 7 xi


Bossi, Enrico

Scherzo in G minor Op 49 ii

Etude de Concert Op 49

Blow, John

Voluntary in A minor

Boëly, Alexandre-Pierre-François
Fantasia and Fugue in B flat, Op 18, vi

Bowen, York

Fantasia in G minor Op136


Brewer, Sir Herbert

Marche Heroïque

Brewer, John Hyatt
Echo Bells


Buxtehude, Diderik

Praeludium in C

Praeludium in D

Toccata in D minor

Toccata in F

Praeludium in F# minor

Praeludium in G minor

Praeludium in G minor

Praeludium in A minor

Choral Fantasia: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern


Bruhns, Nicolaus

Praeludium in E minor (Little)

Praeludium in E minor (Great)


Couperin, François

Miscellaneous movements


Clèrambault, Louis Nicholas

Suite du Premier Ton


Dubois, Théodore Dubois

Fiat Lux


Eben, Petr


Moto Ostinato (Sunday Music)


Fitkin, Graham

Franck, César
Grande Pièce Symphonique
Pastorale Op 19 (Six Pièces, iv)

Prélude, Fugue et Variation Op18 (Six Pièces, iii)
Pièce Héroïque (Trois Pièces iii)
Choral ii in B minor
Choral iii in A minor


Grieg, Edvard

Wedding Day at Troldhaugen (transcribed King)


Grainger, Percy

Irish Tune from County Derry (transcribed King)

Handel in the Strand (Clog Dance) (transcribed King)


de Grigny, Nicolas

Miscellaneous movements


Guilain, Jean-Adam
Suite du Second Ton

Guilmant, Félix-Alexandre

Grand Choeur (Alla Handel)

March on a Theme of Handel
Sonata viii in A


Guridi, Jesús

Triptico del Buen Pastor


Handel, George Frederick

Variations on “The harmonious blacksmith”, arranged Karg-Elert

Capriccio in F arranged, Karg-Elert

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (arranged Maynard)

Voluntary on a Flight of Angels

      and other miscellaneous pieces for Musical Clock


Harris, Sir William
Flourish for an Occasion

Haydn, Joseph

Miscellaneous pieces for Flötenuhr


Hollins, Alfred
A Song of Sunshine
Maytime Gavotte

Evening Rest

Spring Song

Trumpet Minuet

Howells, Herbert

Rhapsody in Db Op17 i                                                                                               
Rhapsody in C#min Op17 iii                                                                                       

Master Tallis’s Testament (Six Pieces, iii)
Paean (Six Pieces, vi)  

Ireland, John

Elegiac Romance

Miniature Suite


Janácek, Leoš

Organ Solo (from Glagolitic Mass)


Karg-Elert, Sigfrid

La Nuit (Trois Impressions) Op72 iii

Voices of Night, Valse Mignonne (Three New Impressions) Op 142 i, ii

Hommage to Handel

       54 Studies in Variation Form on a Ground Bass of Handel
Toccata "Jerusalem, du hofgebaute Stadt"

Praeludium all Toccata "Lobt Gott,ihr Christen allzugleich"


Klička, Josef
Concert Fantasie i in F sharp minor

Landmann, Arno

Variations über ein Thema von Georg Friedrich Händel


Lebègue, Nicolas-Antoine

Les Cloches


Lemare, Edwin

Andantino in D flat


Lemmens, Jacques Nicholas



Lefébure-Wely, Louis

Sortie in Eb

March in C 
Bolero de Concert


Liszt, Ferenc

Prelude and Fugue on BACH

Fantasia and Fugue on 'Ad nos, ad salutarem undam'

Variations on Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen


Evocation à la Chapelle Sixtine

Funérailles (trans Kynaston)

Legend - St Francis of Assisi preaching to the Birds (trans Saint-Saens)

Legend - St Francis of Paola walking on the Waves (trans Reger)


Consolation in D flat

Consolation in E


Ave Maria von Arcadelt
Chapelle de Guillaume Tell (trans King)
Sposalizio (trans Lemaire)
Il Penseroso (trans King)
Canzonetta del Salvator Rosa (trans King)


Locklair, Dan

Rubrics (A Liturgical Suite for Organ)


Mendelssohn, Felix

Sonata i in F minor

Sonata ii in C minor

Sonata iii in A

Sonata iv in B flat
Sonata v in D

Sonata vi in D minor

Prelude & Fugue in E minor (trans W T Best)
Andante and Variations in D
Allegro, Chorale and Fugue in D minor


Morandi, Giovanni

Rondo de Campanelli (Bell-Rondo)


Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Fantasia in F minor & major K594

Fantasia in F minor K608

Andante in F K616

Adagio and Fugue in C minor K 546 (transcribed Martin Haselböck/King)

Sonata in D K381 (Piano Duet) Arranged W T Best

Strahov Improvisation (edited Jiøí Ropek/King)

Eine kleine Leipziger Gigue in G K574

Adagio for a Glass Harmonica  K 356

Adagio and Rondo  K617 (transcribed Martin Haselböck/King)

Adagio in B minor   K 540 (transcribed King)


Novák, Vítĕzslav

Preludium na Valašskou Píseò


Pachelbel, Johann

Chaconne in F minor

Parsons, Timothy

Pescetti, Giovanni Battista

Sonata in C minor

Chaconne in G minor (transcribed King)

Reger, Max

Introduktion und Passacaglia in D minor

Toccata in D minor Op59 v

Fugue in D Op59 vi

Benedictus Op59 ix

Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue of Bach

Chorale Fantasie "Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott"

Respighi, Ottorino
Aria (from Suite in G for Strings & Organ
transcribed, Peter King)


Reubke, Julius

Sonata on the 94th Psalm


Rheinberger, Josef
Sonata vii in F minor
Sonata viii in E minor
Sonata xii in Db
Fantasie-Sonate xvii in B

Rinck, Johann Christian Heinrich

God save the Queen with Variations and Finale

Ropartz, Guy

Prélude Funèbre

Introduction et Allegro moderato


Saint-Saëns, Camille

Fantaisie i in E flat
Fantaisie ii in D flat op 101

Fantaisie iii in C  op. 157


Schumann, Robert

6 Studies in Canonic Form, Opus 56

    i) in C

   ii) in A minor

  iii) in E

  iv) in A flat

   v) in B minor

  vi) in B


Siloti, Alexander

Prelude in B minor, after Bach (trans. King)


Smart, Henry
Andante Grazioso in G
Andante Grazioso in E
Andante and Fughetta in A
Postlude in D

Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers

Fantasia and Toccata in D minor Op57
Benedictus (from Sonata Britannica)

Vivaldi, Antonio

Concerto in D minor, tran J S Bach
Concerto in A minor, tran J S Bach

Walton, Sir William

Popular Song (from Façade)
Coronation March "Orb and Sceptre"

Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
Larghetto in F sharp minor

Whitlock, Percy
Four Extemporisations
      Carol, Divertimento, Fidelis, Fanfare
Five Short Pieces
      Allegretto, Folk Tune, Scherzo, Andante tranquillo, Paean
Fantasie Choral i in D flat
Fantasie Choral  ii in F sharp minor
March: "Dignity and Impudence"


Widor, Charles-Marie

Symphonie v in F minor

Willan, Healey

Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue in E flat minor

Wolstenholme, William

Wood, Charles
Nunc Dimittis (from 16 Preludes on melodies fom the English & Scottish Psalters)

Wood, Frederic
Sunrise on Stonehenge Op 29 i (from Scenes on the Downs)

Tintern (from Scenes on the Wye)

Ximenes, José

Batalla de 6o tono


Zipoli, Domenico

All’ Elevazione [I] (F)

All’ Elevazione [II] (C)




Handel, George Frederick

Concerto in Bb Op 4 ii

Concerto in Bb Op 4 vi

Concerto in D minor Op 7 iv

Concerto in F “The cuckoo and the nightingale”


Haydn, Michael

Concerto in C for Organ, Viola and strings


Poulenc, Francis

Concerto in G minor for Organ, strings and timpani


Respighi, Ottorino

Suite in G for strings and organ


Rheinberger , Josef

Concerto I in F, Opus 137


Saint-Saëns, Camille

Symphonie iii in C minor Op78 “The Organ Symphony”



Baroque Classics

Chaconne - Purcell

Toccata and Fugue in D minor - Bach

Sinfonia “Now thank we, God” - Bach

Sonatina “God’s time is best”  - Bach

Sinfonia “I stand with one foot in the grave”  - Bach

Sinfonia “Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen” - Bach

Jesu, Joy on man’s desiring - Bach

Agnus Dei (B minor Mass) - Bach

Prelude in B minor - Bach/Siloti

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba -  Handel

Variations on “The harmonious blacksmith” - Handel (tr Karg-Elert)

Capriccio in F - Handel (tr Karg-Elert)

Gavotte in B flat - Arne
Minuet & Trio (from Quintet in E) - Boccherini (tr King)

Gavotte in G minor - Camidge


French Classics


March in C - Lefébure-Wély
Boléro de Concert - Lefébure-Wély
Sortie in B flat - Lefébure-Wély
Sortie in E flat - Lefébure-Wély
Fanfare - Lemmens
Toccata - Dubois
Grand Choeur - Guilmant
March on a Theme of Handel - Guilmant

Scherzo - Bossi
Toccata (from Symphonie v in F minor) - Widor
Les Elves Op 7 xi - Bonnet

English Marches & other classics


Festive March - Smart

Marche aux Flambeaux - Scotson Clark

Vienna March - Scotson Clark
Pomp & Circumstance 4 in G - Elgar
Coronation March - Orb and Sceptre - Walton

Chanson de Matin - Elgar
Chanson de Nuit - Elgar
Evensong - Martin

In a Monastery Garden - Kételby

In a Persian Market - Kételby
Andantino in D flat - Lemare
Marche Heroïque - Brewer

Lied - Wolstenholme

Intermezzo in Db - Hollins
Spring Song - Hollins
Trumpet Minuet - Hollins
Maytime Gavotte - Hollins

Song of Sunshine - Hollins
Evening Rest - Hollins
Solemn Melody - Davies
Flourish for an Occasion - Harris
A Fancy - Harris

Tune in E - Thalben Ball
Elegy - Thalben Ball
Capriccio - Ireland
Miniature Suite - Ireland

               Intrada, Villanella, Minuetto-Impromptu 

Popular Song (from Façade) - Walton


Other Classics

Valse Mignonne (Three New Impressions Op 142 ii) - Karg-Elert

Thirty-Two Feet and Eight Little Tails - Redmond, Cavanaugh & Weldon


Transcriptions by Peter King

Radetzky March - Strauss i

Wedding Day at Troldhaugen - Grieg

Holberg Suite - Grieg

            Praeludium, Sarabende, Gavotte-Musette, Air, Rigaudon 

March of the Toys - Herbert

               (from Babes in Toyland)

Chaconne in G minor - Purcell
Entry of the Gladiators - Fuèík

Ritual Fire Dance - de Falla

Irish Tune from County Derry - Grainger
Handel in the Strand - Grainger

March from The Love of Three Oranges - Prokofiev

Capriole Suite - Warlock

            Basse Danse, Pavanne, Tordion, Bransles, Pieds en l’air, Mattachins


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